Tuesday, August 24, 2010

long time

It's been a while. I know. I've been busy with work and trying to get some workouts in. I've been slacking a little on my workouts, but just because I've been so pooped from work.

This past weekend, I did make my first big CrossFit purchase. I found a Concept2 model C rower for $400 on Craigslist. Normally they go for $600- $750 but this business that repairs and reconditions used exercise equipment got it from a retirement community somehow, checked it out and sold it on Craigslist. I had to go down to Tucson to get it. It would have been gone in 20 minutes if it was in the Phoenix area, but nobody must have wanted it bad enough to make the drive. I cleaned it up a little, oiled the chain and it was good to go! It's awesome.



On the 21st I did a 5k row in 21:16.

On the 22nd I did AMRAP 12:00 of:
500m row
10 pushups
15 situps
20 squats
and did 3 rounds + 160m

Today I did 5 rounds of:
50 ceiling touch jumps
40 squats
30 situps
20 pushups
(did not have pullup bar for 10 pullups)
in 27:57

Those aren't all the workouts since last post, but it's enough.

This weekend is our CrossFit level on Trainer certification class! We are so pumped! I am going to give my resume to some CrossFit gyms that are close and try to be a parttime/ weekend trainer. I need some experience to be able to have my own gym. It would be pretty scary to start with no CF gym experience. I've heard of people doing it, but I'm not sure it makes good business sense. If anything I could join a gym for a month or two and learn their business that way.

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